...not in a cliche way, but you do. You really care. Transformational, fun, great investment, completely eye-opening." -Idil N., UK

We don't know each other yet, but I'm willing to bet you have an idea. Maybe it’s vague and still hard to describe. Maybe it’s clear and vivid and you’ve spent as long as you can remember outlining it over and over again in your head. Maybe it’s your art. Your book. Your business. Your community. Your non-profit. Your ideal life or grand love story. Your vision for what the world - for what your world - could be.

Maybe it keeps you up at night. Maybe you see the time going by, and wonder if you’ll ever make it happen - the best version of your project, yourself, or your life.

We don't know each other, but I'm willing to bet you've experienced one of these 3 things:

  • Failure.
  • Fear. 
  • Fear of failure.

It comes through in questions like, 'What am I going to do with my life?' In that nagging fear of ending up average, of never accomplishing all you know you can. It comes through when you regret leaving that impression, or struggle to really connect with or convey that vision to someone. When you want to connect, but end up coming off overbearing, overeager, or fake.

These moments all have one thing in common. You weren't ready. Weren't ready to answer that question, because you didn't do the pre-work of really understanding what's important to you and why.

Weren't ready to connect or impress or stand out to them because you didn't equip yourself to do so - weren’t that ideal version of yourself yet, so why should anyone be a fan? Didn't have a compass, so how could you know which direction to take? Didn't have the preparation so why would you make the choice to do it?

It’s how we live. We tell ourselves that we could "never be that charming," because it's just not who we are, or because we're stuck with an "I" in our Myers-Briggs.

We tell ourselves that job, that personality, that person is out of our league. That we don't have what it takes. To have that impact or that experience or that success.

That we can't start a business or be an artist or be ourselves in the way we once thought we could be.

We convince ourselves we can't be successful doing the things that are important to us, or that we can’t even do the things that are important to us, because we don't have the skills, or the money, or the time.

And sometimes, we're right - but that's because we didn't take the time to equip ourselves to be able to bridge that gap. We don't do everything we could have, don't set ourselves up to make it happen. We let life happen, and we settle for less. 

Think about it. Have you done everything you could have done? Do you feel ready? Will you live this life at maximum impact, experience, and success - and leave it without any more deep regrets?

Because here's the simple truth:

Your are not powerless.

And if you’re trying to do this alone, it's one of the biggest things holding you back. Because here's the other thing:

You don’t have to do this alone.

If you're creative, and if you're driven, that's what this is all about. Because you or I could die tomorrow. Because this is the one life we have in these bodies. And because this story, the epic of you, the epic of us, needs you at your best and greatest. Because the world needs your vision. It's why I do what I do. Because of the impact I believe you are capable of.

"So... what do you do?"

Partner with you to turn idea into vision, and turn that vision into reality. I help you get from where you are to where you could be. We get rid of the things holding you back - by equipping you with often overlooked things to move you forward. What is required above all is change - through that change we get growth - into the person you could be. But if you've ever tried to break a habit, you know how hard change can be on your own. 

Which is why this is here. What happens along the way is development. Developing your personal-impact. It's having a partner who sees your blind spots, your potential, and the road from where you are to the place you could be. It's having a partner to help you achieve what you could achieve.



"I feel like I've been rebirthed.

I've always been on this journey of personal growth. But it wasn't exactly how I would have liked - it was just this endless trial and error - back and forth of like, 'is this working? I don't know. Try again.' You guided me through that growth. I feel like I've been liberated." -Anna M., Calgary

I'm a coach for young people who have a vision and want it to mean something. For people you can't fit in a box, and people you could fit in several. People who aren't good at anything - and people who are good at everything. People who can’t quite put a name to what they want to do with their lives. People who used to know what they were doing - but then something happened, and they ended up back at the drawing board. And for people who know exactly what they want to be doing, but aren’t sure exactly how to get there.

People with vision. People who are driven. And passionate. And creative. And people who used to be.

I work with people who want to get where they could be – where they know their vision could take them. Because everyone deserves a partner. I'm not here to be your "expert." I'm here to be your partner. Clootzlife is about your story, your potential - you.

Here are some of the things we work on together:

  • Social skills, confidence, communication and charisma - developing your ideal persona (yes, you can do this)
  • Finding your purpose* and "figuring out what to do with your life" - then doing it well
  • Creative Consulting + gaining clarity in your vision/brand/idea/project
  • Making your creative projects (your music, your art, your film, your acting, your writing, your blogging) work for you. This includes getting better, building a following, and generating revenue
  • Relationships and connecting with others
  • Growing a creative project, business, or following from scratch - then managing your success
  • Organizing your life around what's important
  • Succeeding despite internal struggles
  • Presentations, public speaking, and comedy

If you're looking for that missing piece, I work with you. It doesn't matter 'what you do' – it doesn’t matter what keeps you up at night. What matters to me is who you are and what you want to bring into this world. After that's clear, we build and develop 'what you do' out of it - making sure it's incredible. And if it's not clear to you yet, that's where we start.

*Purpose is something everyone always talks about but never defines. That's one thing I do differently - you won't just hear me rant about 'purpose' - you'll get a clear understanding of what it is, what yours is, and what to do about it. 



Let's team up. Some of my own ideas I brought to life...

-My Podcast: How To Talk To Anyone grew to 2,000+ listeners in less than 5 months

-My Article: How To Use Your Energy Levels To Be More Productive was featured on personal productivity/self education blog Pick The Brain, and shared hundreds of times on social media

-My Article: 3 Steps To Break Free Of Small Talk was featured on The Self-Improvement Blog

-My Ebook: Purpose: The Guide To Figuring Out Exactly What To Do With Your Life (peaked at top 20 for its category on Amazon at the time of publication (coming soon in paperback...)

-The Back of My Head: House Of Cards Season 4, Episode 1 (Netflix) 

"What else do you do differently? What's so special about you as a coach?"

1) I'm not here to be your "expert." I'm here to be your partner. You'll feel the difference.

2) I make myself available for you on Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts Chat - so we can communicate outside our regular sessions. [our sessions are online - so we can work together from anywhere in the world - within time-difference constraints]

3) You get several services in one - services which are actually personalized to you and what you need - not just a repetition of what I've done or a mold you should fit. Show me who you are and where you are, and I'll help you get where you could be.

4) I only work with people who are driven. Whether it's to live their best lives or be their best selves. You have to care. If that doesn't sound like you, I probably won't work with you.

"Why this?"

The idea of getting a coach can seem kind of weird. So I'd rather show you, and not just tell you, how much this can impact your life.

That's why our first session is always free. You don't pay for it, you don't worry about it - you literally just get free advice, help, and strategies you can start implementing into your own life literally the minute you get off the video call with me.

Sign up for your first, completely free session with me on Skype/Google Hangouts - and see for yourself. No commitments, no catch. If we don't decide to keep going with each other - lucky you, you just got free stuff. If we do - lucky you, this will change your life.

Don't have Skype or Hangouts? Not a problem. I also use - which doesn't require any sign up or download on your end.

Of course, don't just take my word for it...

more here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) How long would we be working together?

Answer: Depends on you and what you need. Most people work with me for about 12 weeks. But shorter or longer arrangements are certainly... arrangeable.

Q) Do you offer a student discount?

Answer: Yes. I know that "3 jobs and $9000 loans" struggle. I try not to let Sallie Mae get between us ;)

Q) How much do you charge?

Answer: Discussed right after our first session together - if you're thinking about continuing.  

Q) I'm nervous about being on-screen. Do we have to do video - or can we just do a call?

Answer: An important part of us being able to communicate effectively - with others and even with ourselves - is our body language. It's something we work on when we meet - so being on-screen is important. It's also more personalizing of the experience. That said, if you really are shy - voice calls are just fine, and it's happened in the past, more than once.