What people are saying

"...Not in a cliche way, but you do. You really care. And everything about your stuff runs smooth. The slides.
What you do. Even how you fix things when they go wrong. You really make it work. And your sessions are actually fun - it's not depressing or anything.

Transformational. Fun. Great investment. Completely eye-opening."

-Idil N., United Kingdom

"Most coaches kind of just give you a plan and leave you to it. But you catered the
future sessions based on the amount of growth I had. And I feel that that's very
important, because people do grow at different rates. I definitely started feeling
the difference pretty early on... by the 4-week mark. I noticed it in the way I
talked to people, and the way I interact with group settings. I didn't want to back
out, I wanted to step in...

I feel like I've been rebirthed. I've always been on this journey of "personal
growth," but it wasn't exactly how I would have liked. It wasn't to the point where I
would like - it was just this endless trial and error of back-and-forth of like, "is
this working? I don't know. Try again." And I didn't exactly know where I was going
wrong, I didn't know where I should go from there, because I was my own guidance. But
if I didn't even know better, how can I guide myself? But with you, you guided me
through that growth. Which made it very linear. Well, there were some dips in there,
but it was relatively linear. I feel like I have been liberated. I learned a lot, and
I see myself applying that in every day life - but I think the thing I take most, is
the confidence and the mindset going in to every situation. People who are passionate
and are driven would benefit a lot from these sessions. And even if they don't take
anything else - they will get the mindset and the confidence. Just anyone who wants
to really build the confidence to take on anything, I feel like this is the course
for them."

- Anna M., Calgary, Canada

"Working with Pedro has been one of the best experiences of my life. I don’t know where to start. From learning what my own charismatic style is, to building up the skills to actually put it in action – I’ve felt myself become that ‘magnetic’ version of myself that Pedro spent time highlighting. I am not the same person I was when I started this – at least not in relationship to others – and that’s crazy. I know how to be on, and how to turn on when I need to. The program was both technical and almost spiritual, it was really a perfect mix. And Pedro’s style of down-to-earth mixed with inspiring really worked for me. I didn’t notice it happening. But it did. This was really one of the most important things I have ever done."

- Isabella S. Washington, D.C.

“Working with you has been more helpful than every book, every program I’ve ever tried on this. Some of the tools discussed I would have NEVER thought about or considered implementing in my own life. The way you help me see things, the mindsets, the techniques, and your own integrity in the meantime were all brilliant.”

- Greg L., United Kingdom

“The thing that really sets this apart, is the fact that he helps you take ordinary moments and make them into something extraordinary. It makes it so that it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking to a colleague or your boss, it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get your first job or your next job – you’re ready.”

- Deborah F., Seattle, Washington