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There are 2 options: the 12-week route and the monthly route.

    Revolution is a 12-week, personalized, one-on-one program dedicated to developing your personal impact.


    • A dramatic and wide-reaching change in conditions, attitudes, or operation.

    We meet once a week via video or phone, and each week cover a different topic - from true confidence to body language to the art of keeping an audience glued to their seats.

    The program is designed to help you undergo a personal revolution - where you become the most powerful, compelling, attractive person you can be.

    It's one of those personal investments where you can literally feel the growth from day one, and then more and more as we go on and you look back at all you've done.

    While the exact set-up will look different from person to person (personalized), here is the general track we follow:


    Before getting started, there's a short questionnaire to help me get a basic idea of where you're at. Once completed, the enrollment fee for Revolution is a one-time payment of 697 dollars.

    The other option is a simple monthly set-up, completely personalized to you and your needs. Working with me one-on-one on a monthly basis is 360 a month.

    Either set-up can be broken up into smaller, weekly payments of 80 dollars upon request.
    You can choose your preferred option below.

    All said, I'd rather show you, and not just tell you, how much this can impact your life.

    So I also offer a free one hour phone call, where we get to know you and you can ask me anything. If that sounds ideal to you, you can get started by filling out this short google form